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Overseas Study Experience

Wesley College’s Overseas Study Experience (OSE) provides students the opportunity to travel to South-East Asia and partake in an internship related to their field of study.

Wesley was the first College in Australia to offer such an experience to its students and remains the only college within the University of Sydney to offer such an opportunity.

The program was established in 1993 and students have returned annually since.

Program structure

When you are part of the OSE program you play a major role building and maintaining Wesley’s long-standing relationships with individuals and organisations in the area.

Four weeks of your journey will be devoted to maintaining those relationships, in addition to critically assessing the organisations the College supports, ensuring they provide sustainable, effectual and empowering aid.

The remaining four to six weeks will be devoted to completing your individual internships.

On previous journeys, Wesley students internships have been with organisations including UNICEF, Stokes & Masters (Law Firm), KPMG, The Australian Embassy, Austrade, ABC Hanoi, WHO, WWF and the Vien Tim Hearth Institute.

What cost does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers return air-travel, visas, travel insurance, vaccinations, language and cultural lessons, and provides an emergency fund if required.

What are the benefits of OSE?

This initiative enables you the opportunity to acquire a deeper appreciation and understanding on the cultural, political and economic realities of the region.

The program advances your intellectual depth and professional skills, whilst also enriching the academic and community environment of the College.

OSE has far-reaching consequences both for students and their careers as well for Wesley College as it seeks to provide the best environment for the educational and ethical preparation of future leaders in Australia.

Who is eligible to apply?

All students are eligible to apply for OSE. Five to seven students are selected each year.

Inspired by their OSE, Wesley students have gone on to found organisations such as The Australian Youth Against Land Mines Association (TAYALA) now called STEPSAFE, the Heart Tree Foundation and also Party for Poverty.