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27 Jun 22


Jeff receives highest academic accolade

Old collegian, Jeff Brown (fr 18), has been endowed with the University Medal, which is awarded to the Dux of the Faculty for the entire cohort of the University of Sydney.

This is the highest undergraduate honour and it has been more than three years since a Finance student last received this award.

Jeff’s thesis titled “Seeing the Trees for the Forest: The Equity & Debt Pricing Impact of Green Bonds across Developed, Emerging & Frontier Markets”, uncovered a breakthrough in how companies can reduce costs by transforming and committing to become more sustainable over certain time horizons and in certain regions of the world.

Jeff revealed he is more excited about the legacy of his finding, rather than the medal itself. “The impact this has on sustainable investments across the world is the most humbling and rewarding aspect of this journey.”

The findings highlight the success of companies which transparently invest in sustainability, while companies displaying opaque frameworks underperform. This is particularly common to regions with limited penalties and limited regulatory impact for ‘greenwashing’. Therefore, the thesis evidences the importance of simultaneous private and public sector involvement in the rapidly evolving nexus of green financing.

In the near future, Jeff hopes to invest in the technologies and capital tools which will enable community development. “Step by step, I hope to continue to allocate investments into an array of valuable innovative opportunities across broader global platforms.”

At this stage, Jeff is focused on developing his portfolio of knowledge and putting his current skillset into action. He will undoubtedly undertake many future opportunities which will present themselves and evolve over time.

Student Life

Jeff attributes Wesley College as a, “fantastic opportunity to work with a diverse range of people from countless regions domestically and globally.” The social connections he made enabled him to adapt his communication skills and shape how he approaches working with people to achieve great outcomes.

The close social environment, “opened his eyes to the power of discussion” and refined his thought process. “This place allowed me to challenge ideas; not just settling for my own views and treating my assumptions of the world in isolation.”

In order to succeed in any task Jeff advises to “take every project or new challenge as if parachuting into the forest with an incomplete map”, recognise the tools needed by understanding the main drivers and landscapes involved then zoom in, refine a focus point and draw smaller contours and paths.

“This creates a wonderful first top-down, and then bottom-up, approach to ensure you understand the topic both in the broader context and with sufficient detail to succeed.”

Jeff has set an amazing example as both a high-achieving student, as well as a humble and respected member of the community.

Congratulations Jeff and we look forward to hearing more about what his future might bring!

Jeff continues to be an academic tutor for several students at Wesley College.

Picture of Jeff (middle, front row) at the Beta Alpha Psi International Conference.