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Community Leaders

Every year students from the senior student body are chosen, through an application process, by the College to be Community Leaders (CLs), responsibilities include:

  • To be concerned for the safety, security and well-being of residents in their assigned zone
  • To act as a channel of communication between residents and the College
  • To be a role model within the College and be a proud member of the College Community
  • To enhance the ‘spirit’ and enrich the traditions of the College.

CLs are an initial and useful first point of contact for all collegians. They live in each of the College’s 5 residential wings and are available for support, encouragement and advice.

Community Leaders 2023

Jack Berry
Stella Morton
Quinn Brandon
Harry Kermode
Matthew Paine
Demi Fittler
Tessa Rabeau

Emergency immediate response number for the University of Sydney’s Security Service:

p: 02 9351 3333