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Applying for residency tips

To ensure you submit a complete and seamless application form for residency, you will need to provide and supply a few details, as well as documents.

  • CONTACT DETAILS: provide your name, address, emergency contact details etc.
  • ABOUT YOU: This section tells us more about your interests and achievements. Please list your academic, sporting, and cultural involvement/accolades/skills. NB: we encourage you to elaborate on your academic achievements in the personal statement section.
  • FAMILY CONNECTION TO WESLEY: If you have a family member (parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc) who is a Wesley Old Collegian, please let us know who they were and when they attended so that we can note it in our records. NB: this does not include friends.
  • PERSONAL STATEMENT, LEADERSHIP & COMMUNITY SERVICE: We want to hear about your academic achievements, why you would love to attend Wesley, and what a College experience will provide you. Please also include if you have held a leadership position or been involved in any community service at school.
  • REFEREES: As part of your application, you must nominate at least one referee. This could be a teacher, family friend or someone who has known you for some time. They will need to complete questions about you. Please send them this Referee Report >, and in the meantime, proceed with the rest of the questions within the application form. There is an option to add a second referee if you wish.
  • PHOTO: You will need to upload a passport size profile photo of yourself (jpg or png file).
  • APPLICATION FEE: You will be re-directed to an online payment gateway to complete the application fee so make sure you have a valid credit card on hand because once you visit the gateway and then exit it may be not as easy to return to this section of the application form when you log back in. The application fee is $150 AUD.
  • DECLARE & SUBMIT: This is the final step in the application form. If you have not selected the check box and declared the information in the form to be true and correct, your application is not considered complete. Many students assume that once they have paid their application fee; that their application form is complete and exit the form. However, this is not the case – you MUST complete this final step before you proceed to the next stage.

Note: If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, please indicate it on the scholarship page within this application. Scholarship applications are separate to this application, and will open in September. If you plan to apply for a scholarship, you must first apply for residency.