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Wesley College Sporting Scholarships

Sporting scholarships, should be applied via Sydney University Sports

Wesley College Sporting Scholarships are offered in conjunction with the Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness Elite Athlete Program.

Male and Female sporting scholarships will be offered to students of outstanding sporting ability to assist them pursue their academic and sporting careers. These Scholarships are taken as a discount against Wesley College residential fees.

Wesley College is a member of the Sydney University’s Intercol Organisation. Eight male sports include: rowing, cricket, swimming, diving, athletics, rugby, tennis, soccer and basketball. The eight female sports are rowing, athletics, swimming, diving, tennis, netball, hockey, basketball and soccer.

Sport Scholarships are offered to athletes in a range of sports, including those outside the Intercollegiate competition.

The Sporting Scholarships are for sportsmen and sportswomen who have the capacity to contribute to a wide range of college activities in addition to their chosen sports. The successful applicant must be interested in contributing to an exciting and rewarding college lifestyle.

These scholarships will be awarded using the following criteria:

  • Sporting performances and potential
  • Personality and character
  • Scholastic achievement
  • Leadership
  • Social awareness
  • Community service.

It is a requirement that the holders of the scholarships would represent Wesley College in their respective sport(s) and the relevant Sydney University Sporting Club.

Please note that students should apply for this scholarship directly through Sydney Uni Sports and Fitness.