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Frequently asked questions - Applying

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Do I have to be accepted into Sydney University before I apply to Wesley?

No. Many students applying in the first months of interviews do not know which university they have been accepted to. This should not stop you from applying to Wesley and it will not prevent you from being successful. If you are a good applicant we will tend to reserve a spot for you until you find out whether you have been accepted or not.

Does Wesley take students from Universities other than Sydney University?

No. To be accepted to Wesley College students must have a place at Sydney University.

How many students does Wesley take each year?

The intake of new students varies each year depending on how many have left the year before. There are generally approx. 80-100 places on offer each year.

Do I need to be a member of the Uniting Church to attend Wesley?

No. We accept students from all religious denominations.

How many students apply to Wesley each year?

Wesley receives over 500 applications each year.

Is preference given to country or interstate students over Sydneysiders?

Yes. There is preference given to those students who are seen to need the accommodation more.

Are there two intakes or just one?

Wesley takes students at the beginning of both first and second semester. However, while 80-100 students are accepted at the start of the year, there are only around 10-15 taken at the start of second semester. If students are thinking of attending Wesley it is strongly recommended that they apply first semester.

Can international students apply?

Yes. International students can apply to Wesley. There is no discrimination between international and local students. Phone interviews can be arranged for international students who are unlikely to be in Australia during the interview process.

How many students are there at Wesley?

There are 260 students are Wesley College. There is an even split of male and female students.

Do you cater for vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerances?

Yes, we cater for all dietary requirements. Just make sure you tell us in your application form.

What are the social events and parties like at Wesley?

They are likely the best parties you will ever attend. All events are themed and often fall in line with the tradition of our College, so you feel you are part of a bigger shared history. The community spirit is profound in the sense that everyone dresses in costume according to the theme of the event, including the master and staff. The events begin with delicious meals, vibrant speeches and eventually progress into the courtyard where we dance the night away!

Is there a fee for applying?

Yes, there is a non-refundable fee of $150 which is paid as part of your application. Once you have paid your application fee and your application is successful, you will be offered an interview.

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