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The Centenary Book

In celebration of our 100th birthday we are compiling a history of the people, stories and events that have shaped our college.

In classic Wesley style we won’t be putting this in a dense leather-bound book destined to gather dust and neglect on that bookshelf in your garage.

Instead, the history will be told through snippets of entertaining stories and photos that will have you enjoying the book with friends as you discover the hidden gems of our past.

We will be offering this rich history in a large, colourful coffee-table book ready to be proudly displayed and enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the book won’t write itself! While we have the historical outline, what we need are the stories that colour in the picture.

So if you have any stories, pictures or thoughts for the book, please contact us using the form below by Monday, 31 October 2016.

We all played a part in making the college what it is, now let’s all help to share it!

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