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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the University of Sydney’s most respected Residential College and to be known as the place where students flourish and lifelong connections are forged.

As a Residential College of the Uniting Church within the University of Sydney, we seek to:

1. Foster a vibrant community of learning and personal growth
2. Provide a safe environment which encourages and promotes the academic, social, sporting, cultural and spiritual growth of each individual
3. Assist students develop qualities and values that will be modeled in their everyday life
4. Sustain the College into the future.

We value our community by:

1. Actively participating in College Life
2. Respecting and supporting each other as Collegians
3. Acting responsibly, and actively ensuring the safety of others
4. Being known for our positive College Spirit
5. Honouring the College’s heritage and traditions.

We value the individual by:

1. Displaying respect to others
2. Accepting responsibility
3. Striving to be the best we can be.

We value achievement by:

1. Pursuing our studies with enthusiasm and endeavour
2. Setting goals and striving to achieve them
3. Recognising achievement
4. Celebrating success, but valuing effort and contribution more.

We value inclusiveness by:

1. Actively seeking to include our fellow Collegians in College Life
2. Valuing diversity of gender, background and thought
3. Actively seeking to promote equity of access.

Want to know what it's like to live at Wesley?

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