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About the Foundation

Our Role

Wesley has an indomitable reputation for vibrancy, excellence and inclusiveness. It is well known for nurturing students with warmth of character, generosity of spirit and respect for all; aspiring to be the best they can be in their academic, sporting, cultural and social lives.

A source of much pride for Wesley, and the thing that sets us apart from other Colleges, is our strong history of supporting outstanding students from all walks of life.

As both beneficiaries and custodians of these deep egalitarian traditions, Wesley Old Cols are a mighty force. We understand our role in maintaining the social fabric of the College and the necessity it brings for a strong, united and generous Old Col Community.

Via the Foundation, Old Cols provide meaningful financial, social and career support for students as well as help to maintain the College’s historic buildings.

The Centenary Scholarship

The Foundation’s immediate concern is the relatively limited ability to provide scholarships for students in need. The Master estimates that up to ten outstanding students each year are unable to attend Wesley because they cannot afford the fees.

In order to offer more scholarships, we are launching our Centenary Scholarship Drive, with the aim of increasing our Foundation Net Assets to $10m. All Old Cols, Parents and Friends of the College are asked to donate generously.

There are of course many other scholarships to which you can donate, especially those in the name of former Masters or our Indigenous Endowment Scholarship Fund.

Our Future

The goal of the Foundation is to be one of the most respected University Foundations in Australia, held in high esteem by the Old Cols for its hard work and success.

With all current and past students working together as important and respected supporters of the great egalitarian traditions of Wesley College, we can meet these goals and ensure the success of the College for many years to come.

Please join us in supporting current and future students to experience all that Wesley has to offer.

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