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Resident Advisors

Every year students from the senior student body are chosen, through an application process, by the College to be Resident Advisors (RAs), responsibilities include:

  • To be concerned for the safety, security and well-being of residents in their assigned zone
  • To act as a channel of communication between residents and the College
  • To be a role model within the College and be a proud member of the College Community
  • To enhance the ‘spirit’ and enrich the traditions of the College.

RAs are an initial and useful first point of contact for all collegians. They live in each of the College’s 5 residential wings and are available for support, encouragement and advice.

Resident Advisors 2018

Hannah Ross-Smith Upper Callaghan
Jack Caldwell Lower Callaghan
Katie Fuller Pryor Wing
Hamish Fuller Wyllie
Tom Ryan Upper Purser
Juliet Campbell-Taylor Upper Purser
Joshua Joseph Top Purser
Amelia Hellicar-Foster Top Purser
Alli Whalley Sutherland
Alex McDonald Lower Purser
Lucy Gray Lower Purser

Emergency immediate response number for The University of Sydney’s Security Service:

p: 02 9351 3333