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Mentor Program

What is the Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program was developed to provide current students with the opportunity to further their career by harnessing the experience and expertise from our Old Collegian network.

The aim of the program is to align motivated and proactive students with old collegians who are leaders in their industry of interest.

The mentoring relationship is a process that involves career development, sharing of personal aspirations, goal setting, personal development, and maximising opportunities to network and build connections.

What does the Program involve?

  • It begins with an application process that matches students with mentors
  • Includes 2-3 meetings per semester and runs across 2-3 semesters.
  • Small groups or individual mentoring options are available.

What will a Mentor do?

Mentors may assist with goal setting and career exploration, broadening perspectives by asking challenging questions, providing first hand awareness of ‘life in the job’ for specific industries, role modelling, or providing pathways and connections to experiences in a specific field.

Becoming a Mentor

Mentors are experienced in their field, can provide career insight and guidance, and are good communicators. If you’re interested in becoming a Mentor, or would like further information please contact the Director of Programs.

Mentors can be senior undergraduates, postgraduates, Resident Advisors or tutors with expertise in certain disciplines who provide advice and academic support to younger students (especially those in their first year of study).

Our current mentors include Company Founders, CEO’s, Presidents and Chairs of large organisations, Academics and Doctors, Medical specialists, School Principals, Lead Engineers and well-known Journalists.

More information:
Bronwen Watson
Director of Programs
9565 3309

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