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Our History

Wesley College was established by an Act of NSW State Parliament in 1910 as a College of the Methodist Church in Australia.

In 1917 it opened with nine students and Rev M Scott Fletcher was the first Master.

In 1969 Wesley College became the first co-ed college at The University of Sydney.

In 1977 it became a College of the Uniting Church.

The motto “Ministrate in Fide Vestra Virtutem” can be translated as “Serve Virtue in your Faith”.

Wesley, as a College of the Uniting Church, has a Christian ethos of fellowship, justice and compassion. Wesley encourages its students to deepen their understanding of life and themselves within a tolerant and caring community. All aspects of college life should be understood in this light.

Want to know what it's like to live at Wesley?

Have a read of our College Life section and Student Stories to get an understanding of what to expect when you get here.