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The 2019 fee schedule covers full residency (40 weeks) for an academic year at Wesley College. Fees are paid in 4 instalments throughout the year. Welcome Week has additional costs associated which will be outlined in the 1st instalment invoice for incoming students (freshers). A refundable* Bond ($1500) is also payable at the time of enrolment, along with a $500 contribution to our Building Fund (tax deductible).



Cost per Semester

4 Instalment option


Single Room




Single room with Shared Ensuite




Single room with Ensuite




Double Bed -Single Room




Double Bed -Single Room with Ensuite




Twin Single with No Ensuite




Twin Single with Ensuite




Residency inclusions:

40 weeks full residency comprising of room, meals, wi-fi, cleaning of rooms, access to College tutorials, mentoring, support, professional counselling plus access to a range of activities, including Rawson and Rosebowl sport and Palladian Cultural activities.

* Prices are for 2019 and are subject to change. Please note, these prices do not include the prices associated with Welcome Week. Welcome Week is not part of the 40 week residency cost and has additional costs which will be outlined in the 1st instalment. Bond is only refundable at the completion of the 40 week contract, not if a student leaves mid-year.